Saturday, 28 December 2013

As part of our fourth coming assessments which take place in around 3 weeks we have to producing 3 concepts, then take one forward to produce a near finished design ready for modelling. 
My first concept is very extreme and although it has a very nice, original shape it would be too impractical to get in and out of and the obstruction angles would be huge!

Concept 2 sees a much more subtle approach with more flowing lines and elegant, clean surfaces. I'm not too fond of the rear but the side view has an original aesthetic which the joint A&B pillar which I like.

Concept 3 is my favourite because it captures the inspiration of jellyfish and underwater sea creatures in a much more clever outcome. The use of 3D printing allows for intricate light clusters and air vents and the joint pillars are refined to a better visual standard. The slight bulging in the door gives an indirect nod to the flowing shapes that jellyfish make too. There is a small storage compartment in the rear and it will have conventional opening doors. Glass will be used for the front windscreen and tinted poly carbonate will be used for the doors and rear windscreen.

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