Sunday, 23 March 2014

I started off by creating some quick concepts for the binnacle, using my original sketches as a reference.
I quickly realised that the overall shape wasn't right so I extended it to fit the dash properly. Taking the steering wheel into account.

 A final rendering of the interface. All the relevant information will be displayed on the right binnacle and other settings are on the left. Using a mixture of graphics and colour to create a simplistic design.

First mock up of the new design. The length is good and the main dials fit inside the steering wheel. Using my tablet I drew over the top of this to figure out where I wanted the key styling lines to go. With the dash being quite wide I have tried to bring the focal point in towards the driver for better ergonomics. 

Finally some more refined concepts. Thinking of materials and where storage compartments could go - making maximum use of the space is key.

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